Six Million Dollar Man comes to R1 DVD

I spotted this today on The Los Angeles Times’ Hero Complex blog (you’ll want to RSS it, it’s always a good read), the announcement within an interview with Lee Majors that there’s been a release of the complete five season run of The Six Million Dollar Man on DVD in America, in an impressive box set.

The show, which ran from 1974 until 1978, featured Majors as Steve Austin, a former astronaut who has a rather nasty accident and is subsequently rebuilt by the US Government with various bionic implants. Each week saw Austin go undercover on some new mission for the OSI, under the watchful eye of Oscar Goldman (Richard Anderson).

With its trademark slow motion running sequences, ludicrous plots and appeal to family audiences thanks to the lack of bloodshed, Six Million Dollar Man was a huge hit, leading to a spin-off series in The Bionic Woman and numerous sequel TV movies, each one worse than the last.

Still, this DVD release is one to be welcomed, though us UK residents are still stuck with the bog-standard sets that came out a few years ago. This new package has five discs worth of extras, including commentaries, interviews, featurettes and Bionic Woman crossover episodes and is available only on the TimeLife website just now, but it’ll be released elsewhere soon – start saving those pennies now.

In the meantime, head over to read that Majors interview and enjoy this trailer for the release:

I also can’t resist adding a link to another video, the title sequence of The Fall Guy, the 80s action series which I remember watching every week. Lee Major starred here as Bounty Hunter and stuntman, Colt Seavers, getting beaten up, arrested, chased and generally abused while trying to make movies and catch the bad guys.

This version is an extended one with an elusive third verse:

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