RIP Leslie Nielsen

The Canadian actor Leslie Nielsen has died at the age of 84.

Neilsen’s probably known best to audiences as Lt Frank Drebin in the successful Naked Gun film series, which was spun-off from the not-so-successful Police Squad! TV show, but his turn in 1980’s Airplane! surely won’t be overlooked…don’t call him Shirley, etc, etc…

He’s also known for a huge variety of series and films, most notably the 1956 sci-fi classic, Forbidden Planet (it was always odd seeing him with dark hair), while he did a turn in 1950s Western series, Rawhide, the first season of which arrived on Region 2 DVD this month, plus numerous others.

I’ll remember him best for his role of Buck Frobisher in Canadian series Due South, where he played a Mountie on the trail of a killer in the classic Manhunt episode, plus a few more turns in future seasons. The character’s first appearance was a fairly sombre affair for most of the episode, but his trademark humour was in evidence.

RIP Leslie – the angels may have called, but here’s hoping you can ride forever up there.


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