TV Preview: Being Human, Series Two, Episode Six

Please note that this preview doesn’t include any major spoilers, but if you’d rather know nothing about the episode then come back after you’ve watched it.

After last week’s glorious return of Herrick to the series, one of the reasons the flashbacks which open each episode are proving to be more than just gimmicks, this time we glimpse some of the back story of the mysterious Kemp.

Sticking to my promise not to spoil these episodes I won’t go into detail here, but it’s an introduction which more than explains Kemp’s hatred towards vampire kind, even if the details of the lead up to the events are left unclear.

In the present, Mitchell is still struggling with his addiction to blood, Lucy seemingly his only hope if he’s going to continue to abstain. Lucy, of course, is torn between caring for Mitchell and following Kemp’s cause.

It’s a shame that while every other character seems to get some light shed on their actions, Lucy remains something of a mystery. Then again, it’s arguable that we’re being fed too much information of the others and that there’s something to be said for keeping us in the dark.

Whatever the reason, our lack of clarity means her actions towards the end of the episode just don’t quite fit with what we’ve heard her say to Kemp.

George’s subplot is one I’ve avoided saying much about, his relationship with Sam suddenly a major one as he edges ever closer to moving in with her. Mitchell noted last week how it was all a bit too soon and that becomes apparent as the couple view houses, George seemingly not realising that things are moving so fast until Sam notes the availability of a property.

George’s need to keep his affliction secret, something so prominent in series one and at the start of series two has been forgotten, something perhaps caused by the sudden loss of Nina: it’s a touching moment when Annie notes that at one time it was the three housemates against the world only for George to reply that he wants to be a part of that world.

Last week’s trailer showed us Annie seeing her mum for the first time in years, and it’s thanks to a medium appearing at the local theatre that she’s able to discover more about the ghost subculture which seems so rife in Bristol.

It’s been interesting watching her interact with her “own kind”, and this week is no different. There’s a feeling the story involving a semi-charlatan could have been extended over two episodes, this and many of Annie’s brief-encounters-of-the-week given short shrift while Mitchell’s story overtakes the others.

And this week we see the return of Ivan, minus Daisy. The threat posed by the pair has waned over the course of the series, Daisy barely appearing for most of the run, but Ivan’s struggle with a proposed lack of blood from his diet has been a definite highlight.

Paul Rhys gives a lovely performance this week, his interaction with Aidan Turner a real highlight – if you’ve not got a tear in your eye at the end of this then you’re a better man (or woman) than I.

Being Human is on BBC Three on Sunday at 9pm.


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