James Garner on Pioneers of Television: Westerns

During one of my semi-regular YouTube searches for new James Garner or Robert Culp content (hey c’mon – back in the 60s and 70s people got these guys on the TV regularly, a fan in 2011 isn’t so lucky) I found this excerpt from a recent US documentary, Pioneers of Television: Westerns.

It features Maverick and Jim Garner in equal measure, with a new Garner interview that I suspect was filmed in the last year or so. It’s great to see him again as he doesn’t do too many of these things nowadays: I’m still hoping we get a new Maverick TV show with a handover from Jimbo in the pilot…

There’s also a clip on there featuring Garner and The Rockford Files. Both clips feature the late, great, Stephen J Cannell:


2 thoughts on “James Garner on Pioneers of Television: Westerns

  1. This interview was done in Feb. 2010, so it is quite recent. You will be glad to know that Jim is in good health and is working on his memoirs – if you can believe it! There is a fan page for him on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Official-James-Garner-Fan-Page/137716439595713 It is quite active and interesting.

    I also have a blog about him called The Quintessential American at http://garnerphile.blogspot.com/

    Excellent post!

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