ITV1 to screen Coronation Street’s first episode

Don’t panic, this Coronation Street post isn’t the start of a series of blatant attention-grabbing mentions of highly-rated British soap operas designed to pull in as many readers as possible (though an extra two or three would be nice).

No, I just wanted to point fans of classic TV in the direction of ITV1 this coming Monday, 6 December, when as part of Coronation Street’s 50th Anniversary celebrations they’re repeating the very first episode, from December 1960, in glorious black and white.

The episode is cleverly sandwiched between two brand new episodes, meaning modern audiences will be less inclined to switch over during it, but it will be interesting to see if there is a huge drop off in ratings.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that the BBC are paying attention and that for Doctor Who’s 50th in 2013 they screen An Unearthly Child in a primetime slot before The Eleven Doctors 90-minute special.


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