DVD Review: The Goodies – At Last Back for More Again

“I have an Uncle King Arthur. Well, when I say king, he’s not really the King Arthur, but he is a bit like him, and he is a bit king-ish, and his name is King Arthur. Well, Arthur King, but on his birth certificate it says King, Arthur.”

Whether that line of dialogue from a 1973 episode of The Goodies made you smirk, smile or simply get this far in the review, it’s typical of the kind of humour present in a show that the BBC appears to have done its level best to forget in the intervening 37 years.

The GoodiesThe Goodies stars Tim-Brooke Taylor, Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie (yes, that Bill Oddie) in what could be dubbed Monty Pythons’ slightly loonier younger brother.

Running from 1970 until 1980 on the BBC, each week found the trio willing to work anywhere and for anyone, their need for cash and thirst for adventure seeing them get into various bonkers situations, including becoming nanny for a young girl whose family are trying to kill her, saving their house from being destroyed by killer diggers or stopping Tim’s Uncle King Arthur’s castle from being stolen.

Nothing much makes sense here, with slapstick a key component of the series, along with bad jokes and much reading of comics by Bill. Indeed, The Goodies could be seen as being a live action comic strip, escaping from the pages of Cor! on their trusty trandem to entertain the nation.

Thanks to the BBC never having seen fit to repeat the series, there’s an undoubted freshness about these episode which comes from not being shown to fill the odd scheduling gap for the last three decades. Whether eight episodes will be enough to satisfy your appetite for more Goodies remains to be seen, but you’ll certainly never be bored.


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