Thank you kindly to the BBC’s Due South website

Just a passing thank you to the nice folk at the BBC who have linked back to my earlier post on the return of Due South to our screens – and to the BBC iPlayer – in early afternoon slots.

I’d noticed a fair few visits to the post in my blog statistics, but on closer inspection discovered a link on the right hand side of the Due South website.

OK, it’s a small thing, but as a huge fan of the series it’s nice to be associated with it, nevermind that it’s pretty tangential. If you haven’t watched any of the episodes yet then please do, it deserves to be discovered all over again by UK audiences.


3 thoughts on “Thank you kindly to the BBC’s Due South website

  1. Due south is back, brilliant, i remember when i used to wAtch it on primetime in the evening, but i would love to see due south then monk, a nice combo, a crime busting afternoon, back to back, anywho due south is unique, as frasier has not got a gun, so has to use the greatest tool of all, his brain nice1 bbc 🙂

  2. Just to say that Due South is a delightful series and deserves a prime slot. It has a fab hero and its wonderfully surreal elements somehow highlight its (forgive the cliche) heartwarming story. I ‘made’ my 18 year old nephew watch it with me the other day and even his teenage cool melted! A more than worthwhile repeat!
    Thanks BBC

  3. It took a week to realise that Due South was back on BBC and then I got a part-time job mornings until 2pm!!! But I tape it and watch it later.

    It is a BRILLIANT programme which I am enjoying even more this time round. Benny is gorgeous (I’m with Francesca there) and is a great behaviour role model.

    Thanx Beeb!

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