Double O Section on Whodunnit?

I mentioned a few days ago that I was looking forward to the release of Whodunnit? on DVD, a slightly obscure Edward Woodward gameshow from the 1970s. Now, one of my favourite blogs, Double O Section, has flagged the announcement as well, giving me a chance to plug both the series and the site.

WhodunnitDevised by Lance Percival and Jeremy Lloyd, Whodunnit? features a number of well-known faces from British telly, including Frank Windsor and Woodward’s Callan co-star, Russell Hunter, solving series of mysteries each week.

I’ll admit to not knowing anything more about it, but that simple premise is made much more appealing by the presence of Woodward and Hunter, so it’s on the must-buy list.

As for Double O Section, it’s a fantastic site by the enigmatic Tanner which searches out some of the most obscure, and the best-known, spy novels, films, TV shows and soundtracks (and whatever else has a spy connection) and makes them sound like you should have known about them long before now.

I’ve discovered some impressive titles (and spent a small fortune on merchandise) over the last few years thanks to Tanner’s reviews and recommend you bookmark it today.

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