TV Preview: Being Human, Series Two, Episode Two


Please note that this preview doesn’t include spoilers, but if you’d rather know nothing about the episode then come back after you’ve watched it.

“I wanted to be a normal girl, kissing a normal boy. I wanted to escape, just for a second.”

If there’s one thing you can be certain about with Being Human it’s that you can never be certain about anything.

Over just seven episodes we’ve so far learnt much about Mitchell, George and Annie and their predicament, the how’s and why’s of how they each arrived in a house in Bristol laid out via flashbacks and dialogue in parts hilarious and heartbreaking.

In episode one of this new series we saw Annie branching out further from the house, taking a job at a pub just a few feet down the road. As with most elements of this series, humour and drama would inevitably ensue – remember her job interview? – but with this episode things take a turn which nobody saw coming…and it’s as ridiculous and terrifying as it should be.

Elsewhere, the vampire community are still reeling from the departure of Herrick from the scene, a hole having been created which it’s going to take some time to fill. The appearance of figures of Mitchell’s past forces him back into a life he wants to leave behind, and it’s a different side to the character on show.

As for George, his relationship with Nina which looked so rosy in the first series is still under pressure, the scenes between them veering from light to dark in a split second. Nina’s dawning realisation that she’s living with murderers and monsters is chilling to watch, Sinead Keenan giving fitting in nicely as one of the regulars.

But this is Annie’s episode. Her closeness to Saul (Alex Lanipekun) had warning signs all over it in episode one, but doesn’t she deserve some happiness? The two clearly have much in common so what could possibly go wrong? All I’ll say is that daytime telly really does have a lot to answer for.

With glimpses of the past and a suggestion that the future is going to get darker for everyone very soon, Being Human continues to push itself in new directions while most series would be content to work within its confines. This is just the beginning.

Being Human is on BBC Three on Sunday 17 January at 9 pm.

Listen to my AudioBoo preview of Being Human Series Two, Episode Two.


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