DVD Review: How Not to Live Your Life

How Not to Live Your Life


Back for a second series of embarrassment and strange situations, Dan Clark’s How Not to Live Your Life continues to be one of the more unique comedies on British TV while still hidden away on BBC3.

Heartbroken after the departure of his housemate and not-so-secret crush, Abby, Don Danbury (Clark) still shares his home with friend and (almost) carer Eddie (David Armand) while trying to navigate the pitfalls of modern life.

When a beautiful new lodger arrives in the shape of student Sam (Laura Haddock), Don starts to realise that perhaps Abby wasn’t the most important thing in his life, while events continue to move into odder and odder territory.

As the season goes on it’s clear there’s more progression than in the first series, Don’s relationship with Sam frequently allowing for moments of emotion in among the jokes.

Though it’s never quite clear what the point of the series is – Don never seems too bothered about a career or much else – the interaction between the regulars is always a joy, particularly David Armand’s put-upon Eddie and neighbour Mrs Treacher (Leila Hoffman).

Also a highlight are the frequent cutaways to lists of what you shouldn’t do in certain situations, most of them surprisingly worse than the choices Don does actually make. While these do add to the fun of the programme, they do sometimes clash with the more serious elements, jarring with the fantasy elements.

Still, this isn’t a series that wants to be taken seriously and overall this is a refreshingly brash little show that deserves at least one more series so we can find out just what happens to Don, Sam and Abby next.

As well as a handful of commentaries from Dan Clark the extras on this two disc set include a making-of documentary and out-takes.

How Not to Live Your Life is out now from 2entertain


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