Being Human: The Series

Back in February 2008 I was lucky enough to tune into the UK’s largest “youth” channel, BBC Three, to watch the one-off drama pilot Being Human. And it was brilliant.

The opening moments introduced us to George (Russell Tovey) as he wandered in the woods near Bristol, stripped off and subsequently turned into a werewolf.

From there it got odder and even more bonkers, with various plot threads chucked at the viewer in the hope that something would stick. It was funny, dark, surprising and generally a breath of fresh air for the channel. The cast also gelled nicely, with Guy Flanagan putting in a fine performance as troubled vampire (is there any other sort??) Mitchell.

Now, almost a year on and following an internet campaign that saw the fans insist that a series be commissioned, Being Human returns for six episodes starting on Sunday 25 January at 9pm on BBC Three, albeit minus two members of the cast, one of which is, sadly, Mr Flanagan.

Still, the creators got it pretty much spot-on first time around so I’m sure they won’t let us down with newbies Aiden Turner as Mitchell and Lenora Crichlow as Annie (replacing Andrea Riseborough). Here’s the trailer:

Sadly the pilot episode isn’t getting repeated, which is a shame. It has however surfaced on YouTube and as it has been there for nearly a year I’m guessing the BBC are happy enough. I’ve linked to it below as it’s well worth a watch.

I plan to review the first episode here when it airs and look forward to it being a jewel in the schedule…here’s hoping.

Find out more About Being Human.

Check out the superb official Being Human blog.

Join the Being Human Facebook group.


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