Doctor Who: Time Crash

Time Crash, copyright BBCA little bit of history happened last night on BBC One – Five met Ten.

Five, of course, being the Fifth Doctor as portrayed by Peter Davison and Ten being Tenth Doctor, and current TARDIS incumbent, David Tennant.

Past met present via mini-episode Time Crash, all in aid of the BBC’s annual Children in Need event. And it was a corker.

At only eight minutes in length there was a lot to pack in. Due to Ten forgetting to raise his ship’s shield there was some sort collision between…blah, blah, blah. Who cares what the reason was: Classic Who and New Who finally met the way they always should have.

The return of Daleks, Cybermen, Macra and the rest were merely a teaser.

It was great to see Davison back as the Doctor and Tennant, thanks to Steven Moffat’s affectionate script, pitched his reaction perfectly. Now the precedent has been set, they could do a lot worse than adapting Cold Fusion in a few years time.

To days to come.

[In case anyone asks, I’ve pinched the above image from the BBC website and bunged a few quid Pudsey’s way as a thank you.]


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