Adventures in Primetime

“Television is a medium because it is seldom rare nor well done.” Ernie Kovaks

“It’s the menace that everyone loves to hate but can’t seem to live without. ” Paddy Chayevsky

I love telly. Good telly. And films. And books.

While it’s great to talk to mates in the pub or colleagues at work about last nights TV, a new DVD or the latest movie on at the cinema, recently I’ve wanted to tell a few more people about them, get some more of my thoughts written down for posterity. Mostly I’ll talk about old and new telly, but the odd film might be thrown in for good measure.

While the majority of series I mention aren’t on primetime TV anymore, there’s a good chance that most of them once were, and that’s another reason for the blog – just ‘cos they’re old doesn’t mean they aren’t worth watching again. Or for many people, for the first time.

So if anyone is inspired to buy the DVD or search out a repeat of anything mentioned on here, then I’ll have done my job!

Finally, the blog is dedicated to Mr James Garner: Bret Maverick in Maverick, The Scrounger in The Great Escape and LA’s finest, Jim Rockford PI in The Rockford Files.

His work and style epitomise everything I like in my entertainment. Heroes that aren’t black or white, but black and grey. Characters that would rather talk their way out of a situation than fight (who would have the guts to fight someone with a gun in real life? A Garner character would rather leg it). Humour that is understated rather than puerile or OTT. And a bit of realism in amongst the nonsense makes for good entertainment.

And entertainment is what it’s all about. In amongst the 9-5, the mortgage, the council tax, the insurance payments, the blocked drains and the news (which is scarier than any horror movie these days) are the pints down the pub, the catch-up with mates, the bag of chips on the way home and the long lie on a Sunday.

The odd episode of a favourite TV show helps balance the other crap fed to us by multi-channel Britain…but that’s another post…


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